The wolf of Wall Street review

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Let me start by saying this is the first movie review I had written. When the idea came up we all thought this could be a great cool topic to write about. So we set a date and went to see the movie.. This was a fun event as many other social occasions, writing about it was a different story, I hope you enjoy my short review, sincerely yours. Mike

The Wolf of Wall Street is Martin Scorsese’s newest film, our team took a night out and went to watch it. So how is this connected to binary options trading? Well I guess the topic is kind gives it away – it’s all about financial investments and Wall Street madness and therefore is a must to any financial freak or any of our binary traders, so although it is three hours long you should go and watch it.

So what’s it about? The wolf of Wall Street is based on Jordan Belforts memoirs as a stock broker who decided to take things into the next level, establishing his own brokerage house in a Long Island home garage. The story takes place in New York of the 1980’s – 1990’s and takes the broker from a small enterprise to a big brokerage firm. Corruption, adultery and swearing plays a significant role in this three hour movie. The story ends in 1998 when the broker Jordan Belfort is arrested by the FBI and accused of money laundering and share fraud.

Leonardo DiCaprio takes the main character “Jordan Belfort” to his best acting performance, his reactions and acting remind us of what a great actor DiCaprio can be he takes the madness to the next level.

The movie is wild and filled with sex scenes, swearing and general madness which had taken over people’s lives during the process of becoming filthy rich. The whole movie is based on fraudulent money making, swindling customers and so on..

I’m no movie critic, but can scenically say the acting and directory are top notch and make the hard core 3 hour movie enjoyable with some comic and sarcasm. Although trading binary options is a legit type of investment we thought this movie would suit our site as a fun and an open mind activity.

We hope you enjoy the movie.

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The wolf of Wall Street review
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